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Nine minutes sessions, two times a day = activate secrete longevity hack.

Description of the practice.

At home, at work, even in a subway — take your best place and time. Only one condition — you should be uninterrupted for 9 minutes. If you have outside noise — just consider it as remind for better concentration.

1. Find a relatively isolated place, where you can spend 5 minutes without being disturbed.
2. Sit in your chair with your legs on the floor or sit on the floor with your legs crossed. Keep your back straight. If you are on the floor, you can put a small pillow under your hips. (Photo)
3. Breathe through the nose. If you have a cold, you should clean your nose before the practice and treat the cold later on.


Take a look at the photos for reference. If you sit on the floor, put something under your hips to keep your bottom warm. Choose a posture that is comfortable and painless. Keep these seven points in mind:
1. the posture should be stable; sit still without balancing
2. your hands are in your lap stacked on top of each other or on your knees
3. your back is wide and your chest is open; avoid extra tension
4. keep your spine straight
5. your head is not leaning backward or forward, the top of your head is directed upwards
6. keep your mouth relaxed, the tongue can touch the palate
7. keep your eyes softly closed or half-open, look softly in front of you in the direction of the tip of your nose
These are general guidelines that have shaped over a thousand years of practice. Gradually find your own balance. The aim is not to take a perfect posture in the vacuum, but to use these guidelines as a reference.

IMPORTANT! Take lotus or half-lotus posture only if you are an experienced practitioner or if you practice with an instructor. If you take it without previous daily practice, it can damage your knees.

Meditation instruction

0-10 sec.: Take a comfortable seated position with a straight back and say to yourself: “I start the practice. I will practice for 5 minutes without diverting my attention. I’m setting my mind on the practice”.
11-30 sec.: Take five deep breaths into your abdomen. As you inhale, stick the belly out and as you exhale, pull it back in. (photo)
30-60 sec.: Think about the following four ideas:
• We are humans, we can think, research and do a lot of good things. We can read and write. We are educated. We can use it to develop further.
• Life is impermanent. We can die in any moment and we can experience any conditions of the mind. The world around us is constantly changing, too.
• The state of our mind depends on us and our thoughts and actions directly affect it.
• We practice to further develop ourselves and do good.

60-180 sec.: perform two cycles of meditation concentrating on your breath.
Meditation. Cycle 1:
Follow your breath and count it: one inhale + one exhale = one breathing cycle. Perform 11 breathing cycles. Inhale-exhale – one, inhale-exhale – two, and so on. You feel the air coming in and out of your body. You feel inhale turning into exhale and vice versa. Don’t try to lengthen or control your breath. Breathe naturally as you do in your everyday life. Don’t try to stop or control your thoughts. If you get distracted, come back to your breath and keep counting it. When you finish, take a short break.

Meditation. Cycle 2. Repetition of Cycle 1.
181-240 sec.: Meditation hack.

We imagine people or beings that are close to us and with whom we feel a strong connection (they may not be alive any more). Then, keeping this feeling of connection, we imagine all people in our city and then on the whole planet. Then, we imagine that we give happiness to all people. It can be light, help in their lives, food, education. We think about it for a minute or so.

241-300 sec.: Completion. Meditation. Cycle 3.
We become aware of our body and come back to our ordinary reality. We may feel a bit more alert, composed and positive, which is good.

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