About Lifext.

We’re about extending lifespan outside and inside.
Science and modern techniques for keeping vivid mind and living up to 120 years.

Lifext meditation

Special meditation that activates longevity. Takes nine minutes two times a day. Guided in app.

Lifext fasting

Technique that adopted for city life and can be implemented easily by everybody. Monitoring in app.

Lifext blood tests

Key blood test that you should monitor. Keep history and get reminders in app.

Genome decode

(coming soon) Decode raw genome inside app and get personal advises and when scientists update info get it inside app with personal explanations.

Lucid dreams

(coming soon) Extend life and activate creativity inside lucid dreams. Automatically activation with Apple watch or Android wearable devices.

Community and daily advises

(coming soon) Get daily professional advices for life extension and take part in community.

Passion leads to success

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The app is free and open source — we provide community with full access to the code on github with MIT License.